Luxard converts your plastic debit/credit card into a fully customized metal or gold credit and debit card at our authorized facility.
STEP 1 : Upload your custom design or choose one from our best sellers
STEP 2 : Choose how would you ship your card to us
STEP 3 : FREEZE or LOCK your CARD during shipping
STEP 4 : We begin working on your card. When your card arrives we can simply transfer the EMV chip, magnetic strip and personal data.
STEP 5 : Once your card arrives we complete the process back and we ship back your old and upgraded card within 1-2 days with tracked shipping.
Having a Luxard card is a statement! Our cards are personalized and more durable, secure, personalized and exclusive than the worlds most exclusive cards issued by banks.

Tap and Rfid features are a real security risk, by eliminating this feature, you reduce the risk of fraud.
No. The reason why it doesn’t work is our credit cards are made of metal or 24k gold. The metal is too thick and the frequency doesn’t pass through the metal.
In the meantime, you can set up you android or iphone to use tap & pay features along with your card.
Tap and Rfid features are a real security risk, by eliminating this feature on your card, you reduce the risk of fraud.
Once we get your order we began working in your card. The process depends on the time we receive your plastic card. Once received it takes 1-2 working days to ship back your card.
Your credit card will be fully functional which means swipe and EMV chip will work.
But the only functionality that does not work is tap & pay.
Yes, a metal card can be used in ATM machines. However, it is not recommended to use these cards in ATM machines where the card is swallowed entirely and you are unable to have a grip on it. The problem with some of these machines is that the metal card is too stiff for the rollers to eject the card properly. The card could get stuck in these machines. It is only recommended in machines where there is a part of the card that remains exposed so that you can grasp it if it does get stuck.
We guarantee the safe keeping of your personal information when in possession of your card. We immediately and safely dispose of ALL your personal information as soon as orders are completed before shipping. We do not store any of your credit card information in anyway. We only transfer the data from your card to your new metal card.

Luxard is an internationally recognized company with a registered license, business address, and an authorized facility to manufacture metal credit cards.
As a business, our clients are what our longevity as a company is based on. We are in the business of personalization and customization, and we would not risk losing our clients, getting bad reviews, or doing anything illegal. We enjoy making thousands of happy customers. What we offer is a very unique product and we are in a very unique business, and with that we pride ourselves in gaining your trust.
However, if you are still concerned, you do have the option to send a debit/pre-paid card with zero monetary funds available.
What happens if I lose or cancel my card ?
If you purchased protection insurance, we cover a one-time replacement metal card if your card is lost, stolen, or expires within 365 days.
Any money back guarantee ?
All our cards come with a 60 day warranty for any manufacturing defects in the rare instance the magnetic strip peels or should the card stop working
We are able to convert nearly every card in the market with the exception of this few uncommon cards chips:

In case you ship a non-compatible chip we will not be able to make a refund.
It’s up to you! Use your imagination: you can apply your company logo, motivational phrase, something meaningful for you. Have no ideas? You can get inspired by some sources like Behance and others, or contact us via email.
You are fully responsible for the image. We are not responsible for copyright and trademark infringement
It is preferable to use a transparent background or vector file.
Everywhere. Worldwide to places with delivery services.